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Cardiff Rolling Shutters, Inc. recommends Rolling Shutters installation for many reasons. Some major ones of them are:


Day by day defending your property from burglaries and vandalism may become a daily activity. Security Rolling shutters may serve as a proactive defense for this purpose. While securing your door is an easier task, the windows and patios remain the weakest links and are a lot harder to secure. Security Shutters installed by our company have locking and securing mechanisms built-in that would help you build a tough barrier against would-be thieves and vandals.

Security Shutter protection could be used on homes and businesses, - everywhere where there is a need to make the occupants feel secure and keep valuables and goods in safe condition. Please read more about our Security Rolling Shutters.

Energy savings

With energy costs on a rise a matter of shaving money off the energy bills is as vital as never. Considering the fact that an average window loses or gains about 70% of what a wall does, a double glazing comes into play. However even glazing would not save your building from a radiant heat. This is where rolling shutters installed by Chicago Rolling Shutters come handy. Rolling shutters help create this extra layer of insulation deferring heat on those openings helping you save on energy bills. When it comes to air conditioned areas – the outside heat can easily be prevented from penetrating the building. This way rolling shutters may help you save not only on energy costs, but also on wear of the A/C equipment.

Protection from Ultraviolet

The sun constantly emits UV rays, and with the ozone shield depletion it becomes increasingly important to shield from these damaging and cancer inducing rays. Rolling shutters would not only protect your skin, but would also help decrease an impact from UV bleaching properties. Modern polymers are susceptible to damaging effects of UV radiation as well as antiques, paintings and even floors. Their appearance degrades with repeated exposure to UV radiation. Installing of Rolling shutters would help you decrease an impact on your health and your susceptible property items.

Light Control

Rolling Shutters by Cardiff are very effective to control the amount of light that gets into a room. You name the purpose of it – the daytime nap (for nightshift workers) or a home theatre enjoyment are just a few examples. With a touch of a button you can create a comfortable working or resting environment avoiding excessive sun glare.


Noise reduction

If you live in an urban area or your office is located in a place where a sound pollution is an issue, it is a fact that this background noise may cause a variety of issues like a chronic fatigue or increased levels of stress. Cardiff has a variety of rolling shutters that would help to essentially decrease noise levels originating from highways, busy streets, railways or industrial facilities racket.


Privacy concerns

Day by day a privacy question grows, and privacy is not a matter of luxury whims. Living next to a tall building? Holding meetings with important customers in the office? Processing sensitive documents?

While some may consider shades to be a sufficient protection, Rolling Shutters will take your privacy to a new higher level. Not only you cannot see thru them when closed, they also add to a sound protection, so it is harder to see or hear thru them compared to regular blinds. The blinds we use are sonically resistive as well as they can provide complete privacy from a visual prospective.

Automation feature

Automating the Rolling Shutters certainly has its advantages due to a wide range of areas it can be implemented.
It is not only the matter of being able to control them remotely without leaving your chair or sofa. They can become an integral part of a home automation system, security system that is centrally or remotely controlled.
Going for a long vacation or frequent travel is a part of your job description? Rolling shutters can make it appear that some is home by letting your system randomly deploy your rolling shutters.